Can I Plant A Pine Cone: Sprouting Pine Cones In Gardens


If you?ve thought about growing a pine tree by sprouting a whole pine cone, don?t waste your time because, unfortunately, it won?t work. Although planting entire pine cones sounds like a great idea, it isn?t a viable method for growing a tree. Learn why here.


  1. Posted by perrypa132, — Reply

    The gardeningknowhow website advises NOT o plant an entire pinecone. Claims it will not work. Well that's disappointing.... :(

  2. Posted by arfolan, — Reply

    What they meant is that you cannot plant the entire pine cone, leave some of it above ground

  3. Posted by wiezyczka, — Reply

    it needs to work somehow, how else would pine trees plant themselves in forests

  4. Posted by ks1phx, — Reply

    So what's te point of the photos if it can't be done?

  5. Posted by naulloa3, — Reply

    EspaƱol por favor

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